First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.2

Hungry in the bush? Try the sausage bug, the male breeder of the safari ants, can be roasted to a nice crunch over the camp fire. Or the flying termites are rather nice fried with garlic, salt and oil

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Cow Bells and Rain

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December 2004

The green season is in full swing and again we have all had some fantastic encounters in the bush.

The rains have been pretty variable this year, but produced some unusual situations. The Ol Karien Gorge in the eastern part oaf the Gol Mountains remained very dry so became totally dependant on the underground water always available up the gorge. We were able to witness scenes going back 100's of years as thousands of cattle trudged up past massive rock cliffs under the watchful eye of the Maasai warriors to the traditional dry season wells dug deep into the sand. The sound of cow bells, goats and Maasai singing echoing through the chasm was spectacular.

The rains then came with a flourish and we had massive flash flooding for a day throughout the Gol Mountains filling all the water holes and turning the plains green much to the relief of and the gnus! Life then got pretty much back to normal. Gnus and Zebra filled the rolling hills of Gol followed by large amounts of predations with the hyena and cheetah being incredibly successful at helping to decrease the population of Gnu calves!

Our private concession at Soit Orgoss, Loliondo was as exciting as ever this season with some very exhilarating walking and incredible wild life viewing. In one 24 hour period we saw all 6 species of cat that East Africa has to offer. Having the benefit of being able to night drive produced some fantastic moments including leopard and caracal hunting. To have all this amazing wildlife as well as camping in the most beautiful part of the Serengeti system is a privilege. Long may it all last...