First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.2

Hungry in the bush? Try the sausage bug, the male breeder of the safari ants, can be roasted to a nice crunch over the camp fire. Or the flying termites are rather nice fried with garlic, salt and oil

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Cheetah Galore

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Bush Notes from Ndutu

March 2005

With a lower than average rainfall in January and February the plains have been hot and dry, which has meant some unbelievable concentrations of predators along the water courses. One morning we sat near three trees (Ndutu) and were completely spoilt for choice. As we watched a male cheetah mating we spotted 2 other males killing a yearling wildebeest. This is a large kill for cheetah and amazingly we watched them consume vast amounts of meat without being disturbed. After leaving the boys' we found another cheetah stalking a Tommy successfully. This was all before morning coffee!

While camping at Nasera in the Gol Mountains we were awoken to screaming baboons and a leopard stalking through camp and eventually making a kill on the rocks behind the client tents. Predator action galore.

To continue on the cheetah theme; on one safari in the Serengeti ecosystem we had the pleasure of seeing 37 different cheetahs including these two left by mum to learn to hunt.

The rains have now turned the plains green and we all look forward to more exciting safaris in April and May.