First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.3

Bring the best Binoculars you can afford and have them with you at all times

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2012 Amazing Tanzania News

March 2012

We are so excited to announce that Colin and Laura are back! They are now going to be our camping outfitters and we couldn’t be happier! They are coming onboard with all new tents and an abundance of enthusiasm.

You'll remember Colin from his days first at Gibb's farm, and both Colin and Laura from their stint as managers of Ndutu. Both have an undying love for Tanzania and their extensive knowledge of the country is an enormous asset for us.

What does this mean for you? It means an entirely new outfitted camp, including several new 7.5 by 3.5 meter sleeping tents with en-suite bathrooms complete with all new furnishings made to make your tent feel more like a home away from home, all positioned in the most strategic locations to make the most of your safari. Check out the diagram below.

Col and Laura will be setting this camp up on their concession on the Salai Plains for three months every year, allowing a few special people to experience this truly unique area of Tanzania. From morning walks up the riverbeds of the 3 gorges, following in the steps of the local Maasai and their cattle, to the early evenings spent crossing the Salai plains in search of the herds of Oryx amongst the wildebeest migration with the stunning Lengai rearing up in the background, the natural beauty and spectacular scenery of this special piece of Tanzania cannot be denied.

For the rest of the year the camp will be moving throughout the North – setting up in the best locations so as to ensure you get the most out of your visits. From Ndutu to the Moru Kopjes in the Serengeti to Tarangire National Park, the flexibility allowed to us by having this fantastic camp at our fingertips means we can position ourselves in the best possible location for ultimate game viewing to enhance every safari.

Come experience our private wilderness camping.

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