First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.3

Bring the best Binoculars you can afford and have them with you at all times

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25 years and counting...

December 2012

2012 has been a milestone year for us at Nigel Perks Discovery — we have celebrated 25 years on safari! As a child the Serengeti was my dream destination and it was the first National Park I visited while travelling overland from London to Dar es Salaam in 1987. I'll never forget the thrill and excitement of seeing it for the first time. It is still my favorite safari destination and has given me so many incredible memories over the years.

This past September, 20 of our safari guests and friends gathered for a landmark safari celebrating this event. We had an incredible trip combining the Northern Serengeti to see the migration river crossings and Katavi — a true African wilderness with stunning wildlife viewing that remains virtually untouched. Not only such great company, but the wildlife seemed to cooperate as well. The wilderness of Katavi is always amazing, the river crossings were particularly impressive, and to finish at Katavi with a leopard in a tree silhouetted against the rising full moon was like something out of a movie.

As we journey to the next 25 years we are looking to expand what we can offer you to ensure that you continue to have your adventures of a lifetime.

In April Nigel is leading a Mount Meru and Lengai climb in conjunction with the incredible walking and cultural encounters on the Salai Plain and the migration and predator madness of the Serengeti. With a maximum 8 people this unusual safari should not be missed.

As Tanzania develops its infrastructure we get the opportunities to take advantage and combine safaris to majestic Tanzania locations with other exciting destinations in East Africa.

You can now fly from the 'great migration' on the Serengeti to the Gorillas of Bwindi, Uganda in a day. Imagine experiencing the famous river crossing at Kogatende in the morning and spending the night in the Bwindi forest preparing to trek to mountain gorillas the next morning.

Another exciting safari planned for late March 2013 is a combination of an Emerald Season safari in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia and the wildlife wonders of the Serengeti. The Luangwa Valley is at its most dramatic in the Emerald season, as the river flows over into the brimming lagoons. The chance of boating into these lagoons, flooded ebony groves and flowing channels gives you a totally unique view of the Valley and all its stunning wildlife with a vivid clarity of light. Tie this in with all the drama of the great migration and all its associated predators and you have an epic safari.

For full details of these epic journeys and any inquires about any potential safari please do not hesitate to contact us.