First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.3

Bring the best Binoculars you can afford and have them with you at all times

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Green Glorious Green!

May 2015

This year started with promising rainfall, and the Serengeti turned that vivid green that no one ever expects to see in Africa. The migration poured onto the plains, immersing themselves in the grass, each blade full of all those wonderful minerals so important to the calving period just ahead.

Around 300,000 gnu calves were born in a few short weeks at the beginning of February, but all was not looking rosy as the plains had dried up and the herds were forced west and in some cases even to the far north of the Serengeti looking for grazing and water. Just as things were beginning to look desperate for the animals the next great rains finally arrived in early April and continued on and off for the next six weeks, making for the most perfect wildlife viewing on the greatest stage of all – the Serengeti!

The relief of the wildlife was palpable, and no longer were the days spent endlessly searching for food and water; the animals now had time to relax and play.

These perfect conditions made for the most amazing safaris throughout April and May, always a favourite time for me. The plains were a striking green, wild flowers were sprouting everywhere, and the wildlife filled the horizon in every direction. The sightings were incredible, and the clarity of the light resulted in some truly stunning photography. After all these years being on safari still takes my breath away.

When I first started doing safaris, a great school friend of mine began talking about doing a trip with me. 29 years later, Peter, Katerina and their friends finally made that trip a reality when they joined me in Tanzania for a safari to some of my favourite haunts, including Ndutu and our camp on the Salei Plains. It was a wonderful trip, made all the better by sharing with them the beauty of these special places, and watching their enjoyment and enthusiasm as they took in the magnificence of the entire area.

“We had a fantastic time with Nigel and Paul as our guides on Safari in Tanzania, their knowledge and skills were amazing. Everything exceeded our expectations — the animals, the scenery, the food, accommodation and the people. We are definitely keen do another safari with Nigel and his team in the future” – Peter and Katerina Bares

As always, the Serengeti never ceases to amaze in its diversity, grandeur, and bountiful wildlife. I hope I get to share it with all of you again in the near future.