First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.2

Hungry in the bush? Try the sausage bug, the male breeder of the safari ants, can be roasted to a nice crunch over the camp fire. Or the flying termites are rather nice fried with garlic, salt and oil


Vogue Magazine: Best Small Safaris

Lucia van der Post is also a feature writer for the Financial Times.

There are guides in Africa who will organize your very own mobile safari, and who will take just you and a few chosen friends to the secret places they know. While Livingstone, Baker, Speke and co all had hundreds of porters and the vast columns of supplies, the modern equivalent needs Land Rovers, tents, portable fridges, masses of fuel staff and the sort of planning that could make Mussolini look disorganized...

In Tanzania's vast and lovely Serengeti National Park . Nigel Perks, is a marvelous guide who knows how to take you through the great national park so that you can believe it is your own private terrain. With him I have climbed the foothills of the Gol Mountains and seen the great Black eagles wheel above us, watched a cheetah harry a herd of zebra, seen migrating wildebeest give birth, found a lone Serval cat preening for us by the road and seen lions frolic.